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What types of material are used for the production of glass facades for the kitchen

Facade glass can be very different in its technological properties. Consider the main types of material:

• hardened - shockproof, able to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress;
• triplex - a multilayer material, characterized by increased impact resistance;
• float glass - inexpensive glass, least often used for the manufacture of decorative facades;
• laminated - inexpensive, very light, but fragile facades.

Which type of glass to choose is up to you, based on the characteristics of each type of raw material.

Float glass facades

glass facades for the kitchen
glass facades for the kitchen  
If you are looking for an inexpensive and attractive appearance of the facade - take a look at products made of float glass. But it is for the kitchen facade that glass of this type is not the best choice. It is characterized by low strength, not able to withstand shock. At the same time, it is inexpensive and looks very harmonious - transparent, with flat parallel surfaces that do not require specific additional processing. The only plus is reasonable cost.

Glass with a lamination film

Laminated panels can surely be called the best choice compared to products made from float. The technology of their production involves the use of silicate glass and special films to cover it. This addition allows you to fix the surface of the material, but does not make it much stronger. Among the obvious advantages - low weight. A significant minus is fragility.

Triplex facades

glass facades for the kitchen
glass facades for the kitchen  
Modern glass facades for the kitchen at a price significantly higher than the cost of float and laminated panels - triplex doors. This is one of the two most popular types of material, characterized by:

- increased strength;
- ability to withstand a blow of great strength;
- the presence of a film fastening the glass layers, preventing the propagation of fragments when the surface is damaged.

Triplex is used for the manufacture of windshields in cars, which means that the kitchen from such panels will be able to withstand the most severe operating conditions.

Tempered glass for kitchen furniture

glass facades for the kitchen
glass facades for the kitchen  
The second popular type of raw material for the production of kitchen sets is tempered glass. The production technology of the material implies the use of high temperatures for surface treatment (tempered glass). As a result, the product acquires increased strength and resistance to mechanical stress. It is not easy to break tempered glass. If such a situation does happen, the fragments will turn out to be large, with rounded edges that do not pose a particular threat to human health. According to reviews, kitchens with glass facades of this type are highly durable, look spectacular and have many more advantages, for example, ease of maintenance.
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