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Kitchen facades

Kitchen facades
Kitchen facades
Creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen largely depends on the correct selection of the elements that make up its filling. Every detail is important and plays a huge role in harmonizing space. It is not surprising that consumers are increasingly choosing glass products to decorate the kitchen - beautiful, visually light, reflecting or light-transmitting facades, which, without a doubt, serve as a real decoration of furniture. How to choose ideal facades with glass - those that will become an integral part of the overall interior concept? What options should I look for when buying?

Types and features of product. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, study in detail the options for glass kitchen facades on the market. Among them you will find both classic models and those that are ideal for decorating a kitchen in the style of Modern or High-tech. Facades differ among themselves by the type of design - frame and frameless modifications.

Kitchen facades
Kitchen facades
Glazing panels can be laminated, acrylic, made of triplex or tempered glass. The surface of the facade itself can be represented in a matte, transparent or color design. As you can see, there are many options. Let's try to figure out which one is best for a particular situation.

The secret of the popularity of glass kitchen facades:

Kitchen facades
Kitchen facades
First of all, it is worth understanding - what attracts consumers to glass facades for kitchen furniture. Even glancing briefly at such designs, one can note their elegance and lightness. In rooms decorated using glass panels:

• a lot of light and air;
• freedom of space is felt;
• even bulky structures look light and weightless.

But the visual effect is not the only reason to buy facade glass. Such mega products are practical:

• perfectly combined with other materials, especially metal and wood;
• do not emit fumes harmful to human health and the environment;
• easily tolerate temperature fluctuations;
do not delay pollution;
• easy to care for and do not require the use of expensive household chemicals.
 In addition, such facades have good strength and are durable.
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