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What can a glass backsplash for kitchen be?

Glass backsplash for kitchen be

1. Colorless glass without color pattern

It is transparent or matte. The advantage of a transparent apron in the fact that he is an "invisible", does not strike at all and seems to dissolve in space. Its main function is to protect the wall of spray painted with paint or wall-paper (photo walls).
The matt glass backsplash gives less glare and looks more interesting.
The glass does not have to be smooth at all. Very nice looking panels with textured textured surface, for example, satin.
Another option - using sandblasting or silk-screen printing on the surface of the glass you can apply a pattern, ornament or inscriptions.

2. Photo printing (full-color UV-stamp) on a glass

Panels bearing the beautiful image on them got the name of the skinned. Today it is the most popular and sought after version of a backsplash made of glass.

A glass backsplash with photo printing is very beautiful and durable. The image is applied to the "out" side of the glass using a special technology. UV ink does not burn, can withstand heating up to 120 degrees, are not afraid of moisture.

3D panels are especially effective. However, such an apron will cost significantly more than colorless or painted glass.

3. Painted glass

The monochrome colored glass apron looks very stylish, bright and at the same time unobtrusive. The range of available shades without exaggeration is enormous.
In the manufacture of suchglass backsplash can be used so-called stamalite. A special paint is applied to the inner surface of the glass panel, then the glass undergoes heat treatment. This is a very reliable and durable way of painting.

glass backsplash
glass backsplash 

4. With a pattern on a decorative vinyl film

The kitchen glass backsplash with the vinyl film on which the drawing is drawn is an option more budget and affordable than photocopying. The film is rolling on the inner surface of the glass, which protects it from moisture and temperature fluctuations. However, with time, she can wrinkle, peel off, and burn out if the material and work were of poor quality.

5. A triplex tempered glass backsplash
Triplex is called multilayer glass of different thickness. Its advantage is that the drawing is reliably protected from any external influences. A triplex glass backsplash is a "sandwich" made of two layers of glass, between which the image is baked. If suddenly the triplex can be broken, it will not break apart, but simply cracked. However, such an option in the kitchen is used quite rarely. The reason is the relative high cost, its thickness is greater than that of a regular glass apron, and there are some inconveniences with cutouts under the sockets and rails.
glass backsplash
glass backsplash 

6. Mirror backsplash

It looks very stylish and unusual, visually expands the space and creates an unusual visual effect. But many people are not very comfortable to constantly see themselves in the mirror while cooking or washing dishes. Therefore, instead of a mirror panel it is better to use a mirrored tile with sandblasting and partial matting.
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