Thursday, March 21, 2019

Why choose a glass backsplash for the kitchen?

One of the most modern and truly beautiful ways to decorate the working space in your kitchen is the glass kitchen backsplash.
The glass is an environmentally friendly material that has good strength and durability; it can be safely used in any kitchen interior. A high-quality UV printing will give high brightness and saturation of the applied pattern.

In the manufacture of glass blacksplash there is an opportunity to choose any thematic pattern that will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen and add to it a special exclusiveness. As a rule, the following designs are used for a kitchen glass backsplash: urban panoramas, food and drinks, monochromatic images, landscapes.
Giovani Glass uses either ordinary glass 6mm thick or tempered glass for kitchen backsplashes.

The glass backsplash has a number of advantages:
- visually this option will look more advantageous than the tile.
- glass has fewer joints as it a continuous sheet so you will not have clogged darkened seams.
- this option will be ideal for a small room, it will make the space wider.
- the heat resistance of the glass ensures that the backsplash does not get damaged from the heat.
- wash, clean, use special tools - all this is possible with a glass backsplash.

You can easily make any hole in a kitchen apron out of glass, for example, under the socket, but this nuance should be discussed in advance.
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