Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Advantages of glass backsplashes

Many housewives know how quickly the walls near the stove and the desktop in the kitchen become dirty: splashes of grease, sauces, and water stain all surfaces enormously. And if you can use oilcloth for a table, then the situation with the wall is more complicated. A simple and very effective solution would be to install the so-called “glass backsplash” on the wall. It will not only prevent pollution but will be an excellent element of the decor, complementing the overall interior.

Kitchen glass backsplash is a glass panel, behind which an image is applied, usually with the help of photo printing. This image can be absolutely anything, which allows the panel to harmoniously fit into any interior. Plant patterns and ornaments are most often used, but if you wish, you can make a full picture - landscape, still life, etc., or even leave the panel monotonous, without any pattern.
Main advantages:
Glass backsplash is easy to wash. Perhaps, for housewives, this is the main advantage: almost everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to scrub dried food from a certain surface. There will be no such problems with glass - you can quickly and easily remove any dirt from the glass surface.

Environmental friendliness. Glass is sand, lime, and soda fused at high temperature. All of these products are non-toxic, which means they are absolutely safe for human health.
Strength. Only tempered glass is used for kitchen backsplashes, even triplex in some cases. And, therefore, it is impossible to break it with an accidental careless movement. It is also very difficult to scratch such glass.
No joining seams. This can also be attributed to the ease of maintenance - unlike the tile, there are no joints and seams on the glass panel into which dirt is clogged.
Aesthetic quality. The interior glass backsplash looks very stylish.
Easy to install. It is quite quick to mount glass backsplash.
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