Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What glass to use for kitchen backsplash

Glass backsplash for the kitchen is rapidly gaining popularity. There are many reasons for this. The homeowners are admitting the following qualities:
Practicality. Reliable protection against dust and grease. No need to wash the surface frequently.
Fire safety.
Increased durability.
Long lifetime.
Plenty of design solutions.
Attractive price category.
It is worth noting that Giovani Glass can offer you a kitchen backsplash made in several types of glass, which are excellent in terms of characteristics and quality. Let's talk about them.

Kitchen backsplash from tempered glass
Undoubted leader of sales. This product is absolutely stable to temperature fluctuations, to mechanical influences, to direct sunlight. Most often, the thickness is chosen from 4 to 7 mm. The image is applied with UV printing. Service life exceeds 10 years. Orders are accepted only after the complete fitting of the kitchen - installation of the headset. All openings (for sockets, rails, and switches) are discussed and made in advance. After tempering the material cannot be modified.

Kitchen backsplash from a triplex
Cracks can appear as a result of an abrupt change in temperature. It is not recommended to install near gas stove and oven. Yes, and the image is not durable. It is applied to a film, which is subsequently glued between two layers of the triplex. Can quickly lose saturation due to direct sunlight.

Kitchen backsplash from ordinary glass This is a so-called super economic option. The cost of the product is significantly lower, but the quality is inferior to all possible materials. The reasons are obvious - the window glass is fragile. Your backsplash can be damaged by the slightest impact, by temperature fluctuations, even when transporting or installing. A design on the ordinary glass is rarely used while using 3D technology.

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