Friday, February 22, 2019

Pros and cons of glass backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash made of glass is a great alternative to ceramic tile, mosaic, MDF, laminate and artificial stone. What do you need to know in order to properly order a beautiful glass backsplash that will serve you for many years?
Pros and cons of glass backsplashes:
• The glass is relatively inexpensive and very practical finishing material. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and hygienic. It is not afraid of moisture and steam, does not absorb dirt and grease, easy to clean and looks incredibly impressive.
• Glass backsplash is an exclusive finish that will make your kitchen unique. The benefit of a suitable glass can be selected to match a modern kitchen set in any color.

• The glass backsplash is very good for a small kitchen. Unobtrusively reflecting the surrounding objects, it visually expands the space.
• Compared to installing ceramic tiles, installing a glass backsplash is very fast and clean. If desired, you can do it yourself but specialists of Giovani Glass will gladly help you with choice, design, and installation.
Of course, the glass has its drawbacks.
• A glass backsplash with photo printing is expensive.
• Glass panels are more fragile than artificial stone, MDF, laminate, and mosaic. However, if you use tempered glass, the probability of accidentally breaking it while using the kitchen is close to zero.
• Over time, scratches may appear on the glass apron. But only if it is in constant contact with hard or sharp objects. Some people fear that drops of water and grease, dust and fingerprints will be too noticeable on the shiny glass surface. However, according to those who already have such a finishing in the kitchen, there are not more traces on it than on other surfaces. For example, on the same ceramic tile.

After a backsplash is made of tempered glass, it is impossible to cut additional holes in it, for example, for an additional socket. It is necessary to think over where the holes for sockets, roof rails and fasteners will be, before hardening glass.

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