Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Glass Backsplash For Kitchen

 A glass backsplash for kitchen is placed on the walls in the working area of the room. It is one of the best options for the working space in your kitchen as glass has a number of advantages compared with ceramic tiles or other materials used for decoration of the working walls. The most excellent quality of this material is environmental friendliness and hygiene, it is completely safe for the residents. Also glass backsplash is easy in care as the surface practically does not absorb grease or dirt. It is resistant to high humidity and steam, and the lack of seams will relieve you from the endless removal of dirt. Plus it has a unique and stylish appearance that adds creativity, brightness and glamor to the room. Do not be afraid that the shiny surface of the glass will bring a lot of trouble. Numerous customer reviews confirm that problems with water splashes, fingerprints and dust are too exaggerated. On a ceramic tile all drawbacks are also noticeable, but there are much more worries with it. Cleaning the tile joints takes too much time and efforts.

What glass to choose a kitchen backsplash?

Most often manufacturers choose glass with thickness 6 or 8 millimeters. The points where the holes for the sockets are placed are prior agrees with the customer, but this additional service often increases the total cost. Giovani Glass suggest to use tempered glass as a material for your backsplash. Experts say that it is the best choice in view of durability, safety and stability, since its strength is 5 times higher than that of the ordinary glass.

It is rather difficult to damage or break it, but even if it happens, the fragments will be small in size and without sharp edges. Do not be afraid to place it of such material next to the gas stove, because the effects of heat cannot damage it. Ordinary glass would not be the best choice, and plexiglass products are completely unsuitable for finishing a wall near a heat source. Temperature drops from the kitchen stove are detrimental to it, it is difficult to remove grease and other dirt from its surface, and it is easily scratched.
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