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Decorative Architectutal Glass

Decorative Architectutal Glass
Decorative Architectutal Glass

Giovani Glass is the world’s most prestigious architectural glass provider for a wide range of residential and commercial applications that bring any area to life with stunning beauty and amazing visual appeal.  We work alongside renowned architects and designers to bring their unique creative visions to life, all the while using the most environmentally friendly, natural materials in our decorative glass masterpieces.

Decorative glass from Giovani Glass creates high end looks for your most important designs.  Our custom glass solutions employ cutting edge design and production to create one of a kind venues and luxury experiences.  Used in hotels, lounges, restaurants, and clubs around the world, Livinglass provides the ultimate collaborative experience for any architect and designer.

What is Architectural Glass?

Architectural Glass is glass that has been treated in special ways in order to be strong enough for use in construction and building applications, including walls, windows, partitions, and other architectural features, and even furniture.  It typically is made with a special glazing that hardens the glass and utilizes safety glass techniques like lamination and tempering that protect it from hazardous breaks.

Giovani Glass  Architectural Glass

We are changing glass architecture and innovating in ways never seen before.

Our unique decorative glass designs utilize an array of architectural glass techniques in order to meet all necessary specifications for construction.

These include:


Laminated glass is made by bonding several layers of glass with layers of PVB using pressure and high temperatures into a single sheet of glass. The layers are held together by the PVB interlayer so they will not break apart. The interlayer can also be used as a sound insulator, which makes it a great choice as a wall or partition.

The type of laminated glass you choose determines the way in which the glass breaks when impacted.

Laminated annealed glass is normally used when tempered glass cannot be, in cases like windshields, which break apart in a web-like pattern.

Tempered laminated glass is stronger and breaks into the smallest pieces possible.  If damaged, tempered laminated glass will simply fall from the cracked area.

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