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Bronze Acid Etched Mirror New York

Bronze Acid Etched Mirror New York
Bronze Acid Etched Mirror New York

Colored glass backspash for kitchens are beautiful.
Bronze Acid Etched Mirror is another good option for your new kitchen backsplashes.

If you Planing to use glass backsplash for your new project, bronze acid etched mirror is A perfect choice. available in gray acid etched mirror, blue acid etched mirror, contact us for samples.

Acid Etched

Acid Etched Glass is produced by acid-etching one face of clear float glass or mirror. An Acid Etched Glass has a distinctive, attractively smooth and satin-like appearance. Its smooth and non-porous surface enables easier cleaning and maintenance.

Acid-etching is the next generation of glass frosting technique since sand-blasting, which has been done over the years. The special etching technology helps keep glass free from scuff marks and fingerprints, which sand-blasted glass, is vulnerable of. The frosted appearance softens and diffuses the effect of lights evenly, making it bright with gentleness. The frosted appearance setting up the space with the sense of privacy. Its natural tint will not clash the colour scheme and can be used effectively in both contemporary and traditional setting.

Giovani Glass offers attractive Acid Etched Gass products in a wide variety of styles and colors, including new MYST No-Fingerprint collecton


    1. creates a velvety translucent look with satin (matte) or opaque finish
    2. provides privacy and vision control while maintaining a high level of light transmittance
    3. can be etched on one side or both sides
    4. available in colored and patterned acid etched glass and mirror
    5. minimizes the amount of marks and fingerprints retained
    6. enhances decoration ability
    7. can be tempered or laminated to meet safety glazing standards


  • Interior partitions
  • Displays
  • Backsplashes
  • Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Doors
  • Office enclosures
  • Spandrel glass
  • Wall decoration
  • Shower and bathroom closures

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